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The form below replaces the paper copy forms previoulsy found in the Area I Directory.  A form for each student is required.  A seperate form for each advisior, parent, or sponsor will need to be completed below.   All requested information requested must be provided before the form can be submitted.  Once all information has been provided, click the submit button at the bottom of the page.  You should receive a message that the form has been successfully submitted.  Copies of the form will be available at the Area 1 Convention in Amarillo on May 12. This form will have  signature spaces at the bottom.  The form should be brought with you to camp.

Only incoming Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors may register.   Graduating Seniors should not submit a form.

 You are required to arrive at the scheduled time and stay the entire time of camp.  No Late Arrivals or Early Departures.  

Registration Deadline May 7th , 2018

when completing the form, please double check spelling as certificates are printed from information as submitted

Payment Due May 27th

Camp Fee $100  NO REFUNDS

Late Registration $130 If Available

No Refund --- check your dates for conflicts 



Area I FFA Leadership Camp

Clarendon College

PO Box 968

Clarendon, TX 79226



ANY NONNEGOTIALABLE RULES BROKEN WILL RESULT IN YOUR BEING SENT HOME IMMEDIATLEY -- NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT OCCURS.  Registration will require that acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the following:

  1. The trip permission form must be completed and submited with all information or registration will be denied.
  2. No Alcohol or any other drug either in possesion or use of...
  3. NO Smoking  or possession of tobacco products
  4. You will remain on Clarendon College Campus at all time for the entire period.
  5. You will not be in the dorm of the opposite sex without permission
  6. No excessive public display of affection
  7. Any conduct deemed inappropriate by camp coordinators and/or executive committee
  8. EVERYONE will follow the common school dress code,  In the event of improper dress you will be required to change your attire. 
  9. Females: Proper Casual Attire, shirts may be sleeveless buat must cover the shoulder and back entirely; shirts must be appropriate  length covering the entire midriff.  Pants, shorts, and dresses must be no higher that fingertip length.  No Part of the attire may display indecent or improper messages or advertisements, ie. alcohol, tobacco, or sexual refereneces.
  10. Males: Proper Casual attire, shirts must have sleeves, No Part of the attire may display indecent or improper messages or advertisements, ie. alcohol, tobacco, or sexual refereneces.
  11. District and Area FFA Dance Recommendations will be enforced as per Area Directory
  12. The use of foul or vulgar language is not permitted including sexual harrassment
  13. Rooms will be assigned and you will be required to be in and remain in that room at lights out.
  14. Hats or caps are not permitted in any building
  15. During the dance you are required to remain in the location the dance is being held -- ie Commons or Barfield.
  16. If an advisor asks you to do something you do it.


If a student is sent home for an infraction of one or more of the above rules, they will not be permitted at the camp the next year.

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Complete the form by supplying all requested information and submitting.

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